Full Floor For Sale in Dubai, UAE

Looking for a full floor for sale in Dubai, as we are commercial property professionals. We can give you a variety of exciting properties in Dubai. View full floors outstanding commercial properties with Salwa Real Estate today. We are proud to offer the highest feature flooring solutions in Dubai. Specializing in the installation of the most eminent quality flooring on the market.

Design and Plan Stories

Get inspired by a variety of beautiful projects we have completed in Dubai. The floor is one of the most important parts when you desire to create a specific style in your home. 

The three basic elements together create the room’s feel. Floor-Walls-Ceiling. The interaction between these three facades can change the overall pattern, impression, depending on the selection of colors, illumination, lighting, etc. 

Property Description

The floor creates the room’s center and it is also the foundation for the other factors, including furniture and other decors. A very luxurious corporate suite is on the highest office floors. Including an immense area and ideal featuring lookout over unbroken views of Dubai. 

 Key Details

  • Full floor
  • Parking spaces
  • Multiple parking
  • Separate visitor parking
  • Incredible views over the entirety of Dubai
  • Direct access to the Hotels and Malls

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